Colin, Hayley and Kevin

17th May 2022

I’m going to I rant here because I feel so strongly about this!

A week into getting our Labrador puppy in December 2020 we initially were planning on joining the puppy school attached to our local vet to teach our new dog the usuals.. however a friend recommended That Dog School to us. After having an initial conversation with trainer Brittany she offered to come to our house to help puppy Kevin settle in to home life and covered topics of sleeping, eating, toileting and playing and this is where our love affair with That Dog School began!

Kevin has since been through 4 training programs with That Dog School and a number of private training sessions with Brittany to cover more Kevin specific training – to deal with a young male Labrador- over the past 12 months.

Hand on my heart, I will recommend this dog school to family, friends and strangers until the day I die! The training classes are fun, inclusive and address real world scenarios that everyone wants their dog to be able to handle- loose lead walking, being well behaved when out in public, how to help them through anxiety evoking environments, how to recall dogs off leash at the park or beach.

This school is second to none and I HIGHLY recommend them. For anyone thinking of getting a puppy, to new puppy owners and even to those who have an older dog that think ‘oh well it’s too late now’ – contact these guys! You will not be disappointed