“Such an amazing group of ladies who really care about our dogs. They go out of their way every week to ensure we are progressing & they are always up for a chat about any concerns we have. They are all about that positive reinforcement and we love it!”

Paige, Tom and Austin

“We loved That Dog School trainers! Brittany and Julia, use both food and play for motivation. Thank you for guiding us through Preppy Pups, and Junior Dogs with clear, precise instructions on how to train Lady Sansa. (Thank you to Bree too!) The Preppy Pups and Junior Dogs Facebook group has been invaluable: being able to ask questions in between classes, seeing instructional videos from the trainers and seeing other classmates post videos of their progress.”

Jo-Anne and Lady Sansa

“We had Julia for a private session! She was amazing!! So many invaluable tips and our dog is already responding after a 90 min session!! Would highly recommend That Dog School!!”

Skye and Ollie

“So glad to be on our training journey with That Dog School. My 3 dogs participate in 1 on 1 training and group classes and we have all gained so much confidence. Highly recommend Brittany, Julia and Bree.”

Chris, Rhiannon, Whiskey, Moose and Louie

“Highly recommend the Junior Dogs course! Brittany, Julia and Bree were fantastic trainers and had so much knowledge and patience. We just completed Junior Dogs and I really loved the style of training as it was not the stand approach to obedience training, but focuses more on real day to day scenarios that we all have with our dogs. It’s not all about just telling your dog what you want him/her to do, but learning to work together and allowing your dog to make good decisions which led to a good outcome for us both.”

Di and Sophie

“We have two dogs, Tilly and Ozzy, both of which are full of energy and were completely out of control (think, dragged on my bum down an embankment). Insert That Dog School. We have undergone Junior Dogs training which focused on obedience and manners where both dogs have thrived, to say the least. Regular training and exercise has completely transformed our two unconfident and misbehaving dogs to amazingly well behaved, happy and confident pups that are now a DELIGHT to go for a walk with. We could not recommend That Dog School enough and genuinely do so to any fellow dog owner. You guys are awesome, thank you!!”

Charlotte, Alister, Tilly and Ozzy

“My puppy Ace and I absolutely loved the Junior Dogs classes with Brittany and Julia! (We even got out of bed at 5:30am on a Saturday morning and drove 1.5 hours to be there). We learnt so many things – from teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash to some handy commands like drop and middle and gaining confidence when being exposed to new situations, surfaces and noises. Even though Ace already knew some of the commands it’s a different level when you also need to keep them focused with other dogs around and it’s so rewarding to see their progress on a weekly basis! We can’t wait to be back for future classes !”

Selina and Ace

“We have been amazed by the service we received from Brittany and Julia at That Dog School. We would highly recommend to anyone wanting to build a happy, confident relationship with your dog in a fun friendly environment. The support, knowledge and advice we received has already had a huge impact on our first experience with a puppy! The Facebook group was fantastic, giving us access to resources 24/7 and an excellent way to reach out for support. Thank you so much That Dog School!”

Beth, Jake and Ernie

“That Dog School’s Preppy Pups is fun for both humans and pupsters, with a good balance between activities and information. We loved the online community and super helpful additional resources shared in the group, as well as the feedback if you post videos during the week!”

Ruth and Sweep

“If you want a real relationship with your dog then you have to work with these ladies. A truly holistic experience that explains how, why and when to help build a confident dog and human. Always there for additional advice and the sharing of knowledge and connection to other owners is invaluable. Thank you ladies”

Linda and Bessi