“We have two dogs, Tilly and Ozzy, both of which are full of energy and were completely out of control (think, dragged on my bum down an embankment). Insert That Dog School. We have undergone Junior Dogs training which focused on obedience and manners where both dogs have thrived, to say the least. Regular training and exercise has completely transformed our two unconfident and misbehaving dogs to amazingly well behaved, happy and confident pups that are now a DELIGHT to go for a walk with. We could not recommend That Dog School enough and genuinely do so to any fellow dog owner. You guys are awesome, thank you!!”

Charlotte, Alister, Tilly and Ozzy

“My puppy Ace and I absolutely loved the Junior Dogs classes with Brittany and Julia! (We even got out of bed at 5:30am on a Saturday morning and drove 1.5 hours to be there). We learnt so many things – from teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash to some handy commands like drop and middle and gaining confidence when being exposed to new situations, surfaces and noises. Even though Ace already knew some of the commands it’s a different level when you also need to keep them focused with other dogs around and it’s so rewarding to see their progress on a weekly basis! We can’t wait to be back for future classes !”

Selina and Ace

“We have been amazed by the service we received from Brittany and Julia at That Dog School. We would highly recommend to anyone wanting to build a happy, confident relationship with your dog in a fun friendly environment. The support, knowledge and advice we received has already had a huge impact on our first experience with a puppy! The Facebook group was fantastic, giving us access to resources 24/7 and an excellent way to reach out for support. Thank you so much That Dog School!”

Beth, Jake and Ernie

“That Dog School’s Preppy Pups is fun for both humans and pupsters, with a good balance between activities and information. We loved the online community and super helpful additional resources shared in the group, as well as the feedback if you post videos during the week!”

Ruth and Sweep

“If you want a real relationship with your dog then you have to work with these ladies. A truly holistic experience that explains how, why and when to help build a confident dog and human. Always there for additional advice and the sharing of knowledge and connection to other owners is invaluable. Thank you ladies”

Linda and Bessi

“Having previously worked with Brittany I was so excited to get started at ‘That Dog School’ with my new puppy. Both Willow and I have really gotten so much confidence from doing the ‘Preppy Pups’ course. I was nervous having a Chihuahua that he would be extremely reactive to everything. I now know how to give him positive exposure to new things & people that we come across to stop this from happening. Brittany and Julia make the course fun for everyone involved and always follow up each week with extra information and videos for at home training. They also understand that not all dogs are the same and they don’t always move at the same pace, especially as a puppy! I couldn’t recommend ‘That Dog School’ more! I know we will definitely be back for the ‘Junior Dogs’ course. Thank you Julia and Brittany! Willow & I love your work.”

Alisha and Willow

“Thank you Julia and Brittany for a very informative well organised puppy class. Lots of great information which was explained in detail and followed up by a fantastic Facebook group. We loved it!”

Francisca and Charm

“Thank you Brittany and Julia. You have turned our chaotic new puppy Ms Echo into a far more tranquil and peaceful dog, leaving our 2 dog household very calm. We found the holistic approach so amazing and has turned Benji and his allergies around. You both went above and beyond in the training with the costumes and general good fun. I am your biggest advocate and tell anyone with a dog how your whole approach is different from the rest.”

Natalie, Echo and Benji

“Thank you Brittany and Julia from That Dog School for giving me the tools I needed for Kava! Before, I actually dreaded our daily walks, and the days that I had to push a pram as well…forget it! At only 6 months, Kava was living up to that ‘bully breed’ stereotype – stubborn and constantly pulling – walks were a nightmare and far from enjoyable. After completing your Junior Dogs course, walks with my boy are so enjoyable. I love his focus and how well behaved he is. I can easily push the pram, hold the lead and administer treats, although we are still working on ignoring the brush turkeys!”

Sherryn and Kava