Yes. All the trainer’s at That Dog School have completed a Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour at the National Dog Trainer’s Federation.

They also have additional certifications in other areas of animal care such as animal nutrition, strength and conditioning, captive animal management and zoology.

Yes. That Dog School has full public liability insurance that covers group classes, workshops and private training services. 

That Dog School focuses on motivational learning, meaning that training is centered around motivating the dog to want to participate as opposed to doing it because they have to. Each dog is different and may require a different approach. 

All dogs are required to have either:

  1.  A current C5 vaccination
  2. An annual titre test indicating the dog has sufficient immunity to not require re-vaccination for the next 12 months.

For the safety of all participants we require handlers to be no less than 12 years of age.

Children are welcome to attend classes, however, it is the responsibility of their parent or guardian to ensure they are not approaching other animals in attendance or otherwise interfering in class operations.

Our class attendees have access to a private group training page which shares all information pertaining to class exercises and provides the opportunity to interact with the trainers outside of the class environment to keep you moving forward.

Members also have access to future classes at a pay as you go rate.