Does your dog urinate in excitement?

24th August 2021

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It is not uncommon for young dogs and puppies to urinate in excitement when their pet parent comes home, or they meet someone new, or even when they come into contact with a new exciting dog. There are a few reasons a dog may urinate upon greeting someone and in most cases, it is something that they grow out of.

Over excitement paired with an immature bladder

Puppies are super prone to getting over excited very quickly, and especially because they are super cute, us humans tend to make all kinds of squeaky noises when we meet a puppy.

What can you do to support your dog: 

If your puppy is prone to getting over excited, it may be a good idea to set your puppy up for success. This may mean creating opportunity where they can practice calm greetings, or upon arrival of a new guest, popping them in a puppy pen or crate with an enrichment toy until the initial excitement wears off. You can also ensure your guests are helping your puppy out by not fussing over your puppy until they are calm.

Submissive urination

Less confident dogs may urinate upon meeting someone new. This is often coupled with flipping on their back, tilting their head or lip licking. These are typically behaviours that occur when they are trying to communicate that they mean no harm.

What can you do to support your dog:

Most people have the perception that a submissive dog is a good, well-mannered dog. However, it is important to reflect upon what that may mean to your dog. Being low confidence is not a great place to be in. We want our puppy to be confident in their greetings with both people and dogs. Submissive dogs that display appeasing behaviours are more likely to run into altercations from other dogs who won’t tolerate their low confidence. It is a good idea to touch base with a certified trainer to assist you with building confidence.

Medical conditions

If you suspect your dog’s urination is not related to being over excited or they don’t appear to be displaying appeasing behaviours, it may be a good idea to touch base with your veterinarian. Urinary incontinence and a urinary tract infection may be a reason why your dog is urinating inappropriately.

What can you do to support your dog:

It is a super good idea to touch base with your veterinarian for a check-up if you suspect your dog has a medical condition at play.

In most cases, urination caused by being over excited is something most dogs grow out of, It is important to ensure you set your puppy or young up for success before being upset with them about this behaviour. If you need training advice, feel free to touch base with us.