Preppy Pups

Looking for a Puppy School that goes beyond the ‘shake hands’ and ‘sit’?

Look no further! Our 6 week Preppy Pups Course is designed to give you the skills to be able to successfully navigate your puppy’s critical period of development.

From funny costumes to skateboards, we show you exactly how to survive in the big bad world and come through the other side with a confident puppy.

Our course will teach you:

  • A solid communication system
  • How to use toys, food and personal play to motivate your puppy
  • Skills to have a calm and relaxed puppy at the groomers or vets
  • How to create an independent puppy
  • Basic obedience such as sit, drop and come
  • How to achieve that amazing loose lead walk from the get go
  • What to do if your puppy freaks out about something ‘scary’
  • What nutrition is best for to create a healthy dog
  • How to manage common behavioural problems such as biting, chewing, toileting, crying and bed time routines

To support you with your learning, you receive access to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group where every exercise performed in class is posted, you can receive ongoing support from other puppy parents and your trainers and a place where you can show off how cute your puppy really is!

The course cost is $220.00 AUD

The Preppy Pups Course is designed for puppies from 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age. First vaccinations are required.

We currently have no available courses until further notice.