Middle School Mutts

When you have the basics down pat, it’s time to learn the 3 D’s in our Middle School Mutts Course.

Distraction. Duration. Distance. In our 8 week course we transform your basic obedience into positions that can withstand distractions, hold for a longer duration and with you moving away from your dog.

You can expect that your dog’s impulse control will be challenged and developed and the engagement and focus on you will be at an all time high.

You will develop:

  • Duration and distance under distractions in the sit and drop working on verbal compliance and leash pressure
  • Distance in the recall with progression to a long line and being set up for off lead recalls
  • Loose lead walking in close proximity to other dogs and handlers
  • Taking the middle position on the move as a safety position

Our Middle School Mutts course is only available to those that pass the Junior Dogs Course with a satisfactory level of competence. C5 or proof of titer test is required.