Preppy Pups

Our 6 week Preppy Pups course will give you the skills to be able to successfully navigate your puppy’s critical period of development. Read More

Junior Dogs

This jam-packed 8 week course is the foundational course for all our group training. Dogs from 5 months are accepted. Read More

Middle School Mutts

For our handler and dog teams that want to take it to the next level. Read More

College Canines

The university standard for dog training; Distraction. Duration. Distance. We transform your obedience into positions that can withstand distractions, hold for a longer duration and with you moving away from your dog. Read More

The Courage Course

Does your dog need a boost in confidence? Are they a Nervous Nelly or a Negative Nancy? Then it's time to move on the rain cloud and say hello to sunshine with our 6 week Courage Course. The Courage Course is designed to build your dog's confidence, improve your relationship with them and give you skills and strategies to be a better team to navigate the real world. Read More

Tricksters Course

Can old dogs really be taught new tricks? The answer is most definitely! Our 6 week Tricksters Course is designed to get you and your dog thinking outside the box and taking your skill learning to a whole new level. From party tricks to practical and functional tricks, our course is a great way to build your dog's confidence, improve your relationship and cement yourself as the 'life of the party'. Read More