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Some Dogs Need More Clarity

Dogs require a clear understanding of how they can navigate through their world in order to remain safe. Clarity is achieved by providing clear communication, structure and by having consistency. Uncertainty contributes to developing stress and the more clarity we can provide to our dogs, the less stress they will have. Read More


Doggie Day Care; The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Dog day cares are fast becoming one of the most popular services available to the busy pet parent. When most people think about a doggie day care, they think of a large area for dogs of all shapes and sizes to play, socialise, and be busy throughout the day under the supervision of trained dog professionals. That isn’t far from the truth, but let’s take a minute to get down to the nitty gritty of a doggie day care; the good the bad and the ugly. Read More


"Because He Is A 'Rescue' Dog”

If we had a dollar for every time we heard someone describe their dog as a ‘rescue dog’, before listing the behaviours they are trying to work on, we would be millionaires. And whilst you may think that this is just a phrase pet parents use to describe where their dog came from, there is actually a whole lot more restriction to new learning that this phrase places on a dog. Read More


The Essential Three Things Every Dog Needs Daily

There are three essential things that our dogs get every single day, which although busy minded, enables them to be relaxed when we need them to be Read More


Is Crate Training a good thing to do?

Crate training is one of those things you are either all for it, or you are totally against it. Before you make a quick decision that crate training is not for you, consider what it could do for your dog and how instead of thinking it’s a cruel way to live with a dog, it could be in fact a useful tool. Read More


Does your dog urinate in excitement?

It is not uncommon for young dogs and puppies to urinate in excitement when their pet parent comes home, or they meet someone new, or even when they come into contact with a new exciting dog. There are a few reasons a dog may urinate upon greeting someone and in most cases, it is something that they grow out of. Read More


The Biting Puppy

Biting is a totally natural behaviour in puppies. Given they do not have opposable thumbs, young dogs spend a lot of time exploring their surroundings through their mouth. There is also the teething period around 4-6 months of age. During this time your puppy will have sensitive gums and show an increase in biting and chewing behaviour. Read More


Muzzles and Dog Training

Muzzles have long held a stigma among the general public as being necessary only for “bad” dogs. The truth is, muzzle training is something that every dog owner should definitely consider as a 'life skill'. Read More


Why You Should Consider Enrichment Feeding

When our dogs use their brains and problem solving skills, it helps create dogs that are more thoughtful in their choices and less likely to react to things out of impulse. You can achieve this through enrichment feeding. Read More


What is a Marker?

The term “markers” is used because they are used to mark the EXACT moment our dog achieves success in an exercise and, if it has been conditioned correctly prior to training, the dog will understand that the food, toy, or praise that follows is a result of the particular behaviour they were engaged in when they heard their marker. Read More